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MMFX Fender Bender

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This is a MMFX "Fender Blender" Clone. It has MMFX improvements. It untilizes Silent True Bypass switching so there is no tone degrading when the pedal is bypassed. It has a modern 9 volt adapter jack to use 2.1mm neg. center pin adapters (Boss style). It has the famous controls of the fender blender including the "Blend" knob that will control the amount of clean signal and distortion mixed together. The drive knobs selects the amount of distortion. The tone knob controls the type of treble/bass. The level knob controls the output level. The tone switch will bypass the tone control in one position to a preset tone setting. This pedal has a thick hard sounding distortion with octivia effect. For ordering information follow the link below to the MMFX site...