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MMFX Custom Wah

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MMFX Wah pedals are all set up by hand. They can be set up to the customers preference also. They feature a frequency selector knob which varies the wah range from bass to treble. This allows tremendous flexability. They feature internal saturation controls which will wary the amount of wah in the signal. They can get alot more than your stock "Crybaby" or "Vox". They are all true bypass. Different types of inductors are availible. Has "Boss" style DC apater jack for an external power supply as well as a battery. All MMFX wahs come with panel mounted Saturation and Cream knobs. The "Saturation" knob will vary the amount of "wah" in the output signal. So you can vary it from a nice and light wah sound to and thick and heavy wah sound. This is not found on any stock wah around. This is a very useful and "must have" control. The "Cream" control will vary the amount of peak in the wah. You can select from a spikey ear piercing sound to a bassed over and heavy sound. This with added to the Saturation control and the Freq. Selector gives you almost limitless results. And the fact that these are panel mounted gives you the flexibility to change your sound on the go. Some pedal have similar setups but use little circuitboard trim knobs, which can be troublesome if you need a quick change in your sound. They also include an internal(or panelmounted) volume control(note. You can have internal controls if wanted for the Saturation and cream controls for a slightly cheaper price.) For ordering information follow the link below to the MMFX site...