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Metasonix Vacuum-Tube Bandpass Filter / VCA TM-2

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The TM-2 consists of two simple twin-t bandpass filters in parallel. Unlike any other filter on the market, these filters use vacuum-tube pentodes - NO semiconductors. These two filters have their resonant frequencies spaced 2 octaves apart. One filters the all-important midrange, the other filters bass. The resulting sound is GIGANTIC. Resonance or "sharpness" for the filters is adjustable. The filter outputs pass through an additional pentode which may be used as a VCA for electronic-music effects (the TM-2 may be used only as a tube VCA by turning down the filter resonance). The output signal is buffered, so it can drive any line-level input. Use it as a stand-alone effects box, or mount it in your modular synthesizer using the optional TM-M kit. TM modules integrate perfectly with other synth modules.