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Lovetone ?

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The ? produces truly stunning spatial time-based effects. Take the best flanger you can imagine, add a decimal point, an extra dimension, and you might just begin to imagine the pristine burnished sounds that are delivered. The ? is the most highly evolved Lovetone pedal yet and spans the whole range from hypnotic chilled out subtlety to horrifying yet strangely comforting extremes. The unmistakeable vintage fatness and smoothness of tone means that when the unit is going ape it sounds like crazed modular synthesis. It can create stereo flanger/phaser/chorus, tape echo simulator (using external delay), vibrato/tremolo, spatial fx, pseudo ring mod, tuned reverb fx, rotary fx, special whirling dervish sound, lo-fi fx, sub aqua fx, farmyard sounds, vocal sounds, unique modular synth-type, spaceship and assorted single-engined air transport sounds.