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Korg Electribe-R Rhythm Machine ER1

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The Korg Electribe-R analog beat machine has 4 analog tone generators plucked from the throbbing innards of Korg's classic Prophecy and Z1 synths. Four modeling synths in one unit means you can create 4 completely different types of sounds and use them simultaneously. The built-in step sequencer has 16 light-up pad keys, so you can easily see what going down. Plus, there are 12 trigger pads so you can play in real time. Store up to 256 phrases or other patterns Every parameter of the Electribe-R is knob controllable. You can mutate the drum sounds and effects and store the new sounds as a custom kit. Drop your new sounds into a sequence and let them roll. But it doesn't end thereĆ³you can control all parameters in real time and the Electribe's Motion Sequence will even remember how you tweaked the knobs! Now your sounds will morph and mutate while the sequence plays. Another old-school function Korg has resurrected is the audio input found on the classic M20 patching synth. Plug in 2 different audio sources (CD player, turntable, synths, bass, guitar, whatever) and gate the sounds to play in sync. You can even tweak those new sounds with the Electribe-R's knobs to create totally original sounds. The Electribe itself can also be controlled by, or used as a sound module for, an external sequencer.