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Effector 13 Disaster Fuzz

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The Effector 13 Disaster Fuzz comes with a flipswitch that engages a second fuzz mode that kills the oscillation and creates a sound very much like the old E13 Krackle Fuzz. Lo-fi dieing, battery silicon fuzz at its best! The Disaster Fuzz simply take the amazing fuzz from the Truly Beautiful Disaster, and places it in a compact and easy-to-use enclosure. There's no intimidation of the half dozen knobs. Simply the Volume controls the intensity and Oscillation controls the intensity of the oscillating, lower octave effect. This is by far, no ordinary fuzz pedal. With it's self oscillating circuit, you can achieve fun theremin tones, and lower octave madness that, at higher settings, can arpeggiate into synth-style square wave love!