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Audible Disease Orange Pleaser

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You've heard of the Orange Squeezer? Well, the Audible Disease Orange Pleaser is nothing like that at all... except that the box is orange in color. This device will, though, please the discerning noise musician. It's pretty basic but really neat. It consists of two pedals (one bent to hell!) housed in one place. The left side has a stock Daphon Distortion E20DS inside to give grit, crunch and gain. The right side is a circuit bent DOD Stereo Flanger FX75-B. The flanger is totally out of control. It has two extra knobs when compared to the original. The first knob makes the pedal's flange feature go insane and warble at unprecidented levels. It also has a built-in feedback loop which makes the pedal even more adorable. It can oscillate, squeak and churn all by itself if you so desire. The left and right side can be 'latched' together with a flick of the toggle switch in the middle of the pedal. The flanger's output jack (#1) and the distortion's input jack are disabled in this mode. When the switch is off, the two pedals inside can operate independently... so you can use each part as you wish. I did say it was really neat!