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Audible Disease Mix Me DJ

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Condition: Used


This is a one-off custom circuit bent device built by Audible Disease. It's originally a 'DJ' machine with a rotating scratch pad, loads of sound effects, a wide array of break beat, hip-hip, drum 'n' bass sort of rhythms, external (AUX) input and a nifty pop-out one octave keyboard. Audible Disease took the poor thing and bent it all to hell! It now has a pitch control which starts glitching and breaking up the sounds when it gets toward the highest possible pitch. The pitch is controllable via a knob or a theremin-esque photo eye (selectable with a switch). A volume control was also added as well as a switch which lets you flip the output between the built-in speaker and a 1/4 inch (mono) jack. This thing gets super loud and distorted on the line output when the volume is cranked! Also the boring old scratch wheel has been modified to a super-satanic-scratch wheel (with some paint!). Operates with 6 x AA batteries only. The unit has much signs of wear... all part of the character!