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Audible Disease Junk-Fi Sampler JF-2

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The Audible Disease Junk-Fi Sampler JF-2 is a low bit-rate sampler that can record from 30 to 90 seconds of sound and then play it back. The knob changes the pitch of the sample and/or the recording time. You can even play around with the knob while recording a sample and get some ultra-freaky warped samples when you play it back! Record a sample at a short sample rate and crank the knob down for low-pitched crunchy goodness!! The static memory of the sampler will hold the sample even if the power is turned off.

The JF-2 operates with a power supply only (i.e. doesn't need batteries). Please use a 9-volt power adapter with a "barrel" type negative tip (center). We recommend the Visual Sound 1 SPOT Power Adapter.