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Audible Disease Animal Train

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Condition: Used


The Audible Disease Animal Train is a one-off circuit bent sound generator based on some crappy kids toy incorporating a bunch of cute animals riding on a choo-choo train. Well, the circut has been modified to change the pitch of the animal and train sounds and the whole damn thing has be rehoused is a cool enclosure with 11 pretty red buttons and blue LEDs. Each of the red buttons play a pre-recorded sound (things like a duck, dog, train wheels, train horn, or a few chopped up songs you might hear coming from an ice cream truck). The knob controls the pitch of the sound being played back. Turn the knob during playback to get some wacky sounds! There are 2 blue LEDs. One of them shows whether or not the device is powered and the other one flashes when a sound is being played. Also has a 1/4 inch output jack and a power switch. Powered by either a standard 9-volt power adapter with a 'barrel' tip (negative center) or a 9-volt battery. Limited to an edition of ONE... unless we can (doubtfully) find the same toy to destroy again.