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Alesis Ineko

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The Alesis Ineko gives the user the power to control real-time effects via a simple intuitive user interface. The uncomplicated faceplate sports a 6 x 8 LED grid/program display which shows the 48 high-quality reverbs, delays, filters and their parameters. Three dedicated knobs control effects parameters, alleviating the need for confusing displays, menus and "soft" keys. The large knobs provide dedicated real-time control over key functions, making Ineko ideal for use in applications, where effects are part of the performance. A bypass button gives users the ability to engage or disengage signal effects during use. While Ineko offers top quality reverb and delay programs, it also offers an arsenal of unique effects, from sub-harmonic synthesizer, fuzz, vibrowobbel and formant-filter, to frequency-shifter, band-limiter, decimator, vocoder and a range of more traditional effects such as chorus, vibrato, flanger and phasers. Effects are conveniently grouped by category.