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Access Virus Rack XL

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You want – no, you NEED – the warm analog sound of the Virus C, but it’s just too big for where you want to put it! So much gear, so little space. Sound familiar? Here’s one for you: the new Virus rack XL is here! Now you can have the entire capacity of the Virus C Desktop in a single-space rackmount unit: all the polyphony, all the effects, all the virus, all the time. Designed by THE company for awesome synthesizer interfaces, the front panel of the Rack XL is a promise of creativity unbound. And with all the expanded polyphony, new effects, and new features in your hands, it’s freedom you’ll appreciate more than ever. The front and rear audio inputs will take you to new levels of excitement. Now guitarists, DJs, and anyone else who wants to penetrate the possibilities of pure processing can do it like never before... Ease into those filters, envelopes, and LFOs (cause they feel SO good!) It’s like getting a free Virus C right inside a high-powered multi-effects rack!