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Sirkut Electronics Synth Noise Box

Item Number FX0295

Oscillator on steroids with filtering effects

Sirkut Electronics Synth Noise Box
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It's a synth; a power electronics artist's wet dream. It's a noise box; a noisician's nirvana. It's a lot of things, but one thing it isn't is a full fledged keyboard. It's basically an oscillator on steroids with many filtering effects. Each switch yields new sounds ranging from squeals, to bleeps, to pulsating power electronics doom. No need for an amp, this sucker is loud. It has a slight learning curve as it is an unorthodox sort of oscillator but rest assured, when you get one of these in your hands, you can definitely start making sounds right away. You can tweak it live to add changes to a song, or if you are a techno fanatic, you can use it to sample some strange sounds, do whatever.

  • 3 knobs to changes the frequency, modulations, etc.
  • 11 switches to change filtering effects, pitches, throbs, etc.
  • On/Off switch
  • Audition Push Button
  • Runs off 9v power adapter (Boss style)
  • It's LOUD!
Operates only with a standard 9-volt negative tip barrel type 9-volt DC power adapter (sold separately). We recommend the Visual Sound 1 SPOT power adapter available here.

*** Please note that these come in various colors. Yours may vary from the photo(s) shown.

  • 1. Sound Sample
    Tweaking the various knobs and switches on this wonderful beast.