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M.A.S.F. Epilepsy

Item Number KK0021

Nefarious oscillating noise effect

M.A.S.F. Epilepsy
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The M.A.S.F. Epilepsy is an extreme fuzz distortion pedal with an uncontrollable oscillator intertwined. The EPILEPSY control is somewhat like a tone knob but it interacts with the VOLUME to get oscillating sounds. The sound also changes depending on how much juice the battery has in it. The Epilepsy interacts interestingly with other pedals before or after it. Operates with a standard 9-volt battery or a standard 9-volt DC power adapter with a 'barrel' type negative center tip. We recommend the Visual Sound 1 SPOT.

  • 1. Sound Sample (noise)
    The sound source is a noise loop. Tweaking the EPILEPSY knob.