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M.A.S.F. Biloma

Item Number KK0019

Fuzz and auto wah

M.A.S.F. Biloma
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The M.A.S.F. Biloma is an effect pedal designed to simulate the sound of sticky flem stuck in your throat. Sound degrades from a clean sound depending on how strong the input signal is. Operates with a standard 9-volt battery or a standard 9-volt DC power adapter with a 'barrel' type negative center tip. We recommend the Visual Sound 1 SPOT.

  • 1. Sound Sample
    guitar - arpeggiation
  • 2. Sound Sample
    guitar - cutting
  • 3. Sound Sample
    A noise loop is played through the Biloma. Tweaking the Biloma knob.
  • 4. Sound Sample
    guitar - solo
  • 5. Sound Sample
    A choppy noise loop using a contact mic is the sound source.
  • 6. Sound Sample
    A shaker device is the sound source.