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DOD Stereo Chorus FX65 Excellent stereo chorus
DOD Stereo Chorus FX65


DOD Stereo Chorus FX65 - Larger Image DOD Stereo Chorus FX65 - Photo of back


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Condition: Used
Item Number: KC0119
In stock? No.

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Though at first glance the DOD Stereo Chorus FX65 may not look as if it's tailored for noise music applications, it serves as a very useful device. You can split one signal into two to either thicken your sound or try plugging one of the outputs into the input and you're ready for some mad warbling self-oscillation! Put some other pedals in the loop and make your own feedback loops!

This particular DOD FX65 looks almost like it's brand new. Extremely clean! Does not include box or manual. Pedal only.